We Make Your Big Day Ceremony Perfect And Elegant

It is hard to imagine that there is any other day bigger and brighter than the wedding day in one’s life. Undoubtedly it’s the biggest and the most memorable day when you turn a new chapter in your life entering the wedlock. To be a bride or a groom one day is one of the most-dreamed hopes of anyone waiting to get married. Therefore, ceremony on the day you become a bride or a groom has essentially to be perfect with a touch of elegance and brilliance. To make this big ceremony really a fabulous one, you need to plan it well. Behind any successful wedding, there is proper planning without which your big day ceremony will become imperfect and flawed leaving you disappointed and frustrated.

Having been understood the importance of this day ceremony, we at SLT RAINBOW PAGES as the directory publisher to the nation under the umbrella of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC, initiated an endeavor to give you a one-stop wedding planning solution. As such, was founded in the year 2012 which has within a short period of time become Sri Lanka’s most-hit wedding website offering you everything and anything you need to plan your dream wedding perfectly and elegantly. Today SLT RAINBOW PAGES Wedding Directory through online, offline, mobile app and print, reaches out to thousands of prospective couples and parents across the island who are seeking to plan their or their children’s nuptials exceptionally well.

From wedding attire, jewellery, food, photography to wedding entertainment, transport, honeymoon, family planning, for everything, here’s the one-stop solution. Find here over 1500 industry suppliers of all categories and thousands of stunning photographs under various wedding themes and plan your nuptials to perfection at your convenience.


The SLT RAINBOW PAGES Tourist Directory is a specialized directory web site (, with a view to promoting the tourism industry in Sri Lanka. SLT Rainbow Pages has launched a comprehensive Tourist Directory 2013/14 with the aim of providing much needed information including contact telephone numbers.

In line with the Government’s initiative to promote Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Sri Lanka, SLT Rainbow Pages Tourist Directory come up as a web directory and mobile apps for both Android and Apple phones, will be launching soon to tourists easy access to directory information from anywhere. Anytime.

Accordingly, SLT Rainbow Pages Tourist Directory Web site consists of hotels, corporates and the public and will contain information on climate, customs regulations, fauna and flora, national parks, beaches, travel tips, adventure sports, events, hotels and many more catering to diverse needs and interests of all visitors to the island.