Over the years, the national telephone directory has evolved into different mediums, to ensure that information is accessible from wherever you are, at the time you want it, in the manner you want it. This info-rich directory is available in print format, via the e-directory available on CD format, website, 24 hour call centre and through a mobile app. The journey of this evolution is as follows:


Image Title The print version of the directory is the forerunner of all the other directories published by SLTDS. It is a comprehensive and information rich directory that includes detailed listings of government organizations, business organizations, religious institutes and places of worship, classified business information as well as doctor channeling information. The classified business section encompasses over 1,300 product and service categories as well as contact information pertaining to over 16,000 suppliers, including supplier advertisements. The print version has been circulated to households, businesses and other organizations throughout the island since 1939.


Image Title In our journey of evolution, the digital version of the SLT Rainbow Pages which can be accessed through the internet came next, extending the reach of the directory to a global level. The digital version of the directory can be accessed through, providing global access to the telephone directory 24x7, 7 days a week. All you need is an internet connection. This web portal has undergone enhancements over the years to better fulfil the changing requirements of the general public as well as the business community. The web version includes all the information available in the print directory.

Mobile App

Image Title Next came the Mobile App. The technology revolution makes it necessary for you to have access to information quickly and easily at your fingertips while on the go. The Mobile App of SLT Rainbow Pages directory was launched to cater to this growing requirement. It can be easily downloaded onto any Android or Apple smart phone or any other mobile device free of charge. Thereafter, directory information can be quickly and easily found via the app without the need to log onto a website.



Image Title With increasing concerns about the environment and the need to save trees as well as the emerging trends in community as a result of the technology revolution, the directory CD was introduced in the year 2008 to cut down the numbers of printed copies made, in the move towards a paperless society. The directory CD comprises of all the information contained in the print directory and is accessible offline. It can be installed onto a laptop or personal computer and used to find directory information, without the need to connect to the internet.


This is the digital replacement of the printed directory which can be read on a computer. The e-Directory is available for download on our web portal as well as on the Directory CD. Whatever directory information you need can quickly be searched on the e-Directory.

Call Centre

SLTDS has also established a call centre to facilitate you to easily obtain directory information round the clock simply by dialing 1212 (from any SLT number) or 444 (from any Mobitel, Dialog or Etisalat number). This 24 hour call centre is accessible in all three languages.