Image Title The print version of the SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory is the flagship product. Circulated throughout the island, the print directory contains detailed listings of all government organizations, business organizations, religious places etc., and the classified business section ( product & service supplier listings and advertisements ) as well as the doctor channeling directory.


Image Title Web portal of the SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory is the premier digital version and the boundless global access point of the directory. All-island directory information (including the residential telephone directory) is available on the Rainbow Pages web portal for round the clock worldwide access with no hassle. The web portal has been improved in order to best cater to the evolving needs of the general public and the business community.

Mobile App

Image Title In keeping with the fast-growing information and communication technology, access to the directory has been so simplified that the directory information is now available as a mobile application which can be downloaded to smartphones, tabs etc., (Android or Apple) free of charge and find the directory information faster than never before at your fingertips.



Image Title The directory CD contains all-island directory information (including the residential telephone directory) in digital format which can be installed in a computer to find directory information. The CD also contains the SLT Rainbow Pages e-Directory and the Wedding Directory


This is the digital replacement of the printed directory which can be read on a computer. The e-Directory is available for download on our web portal as well as on the Directory CD. Whatever directory information you need can quickly be searched on the e-Directory.