Advertising through ‘SLT Voice Ad’ - Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service

‘SLT VoiceAd’, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service enables institutions or any party to offer voice telephony audio messages in recorded format, to their customers or target audiences. SLT routes the calls to the IVR server and once the calls reach the particular IVR server, specific messages will be played. Through ‘SLT VoiceAd’ service, able to target customers of business organizations as an effective communication medium. Message to be, reached only to residential fixed telephones.

Features of the ‘SLT Voice Ad’ IVR messages

  • Able to target District, Provincial, Electorate or the smallest geographic areas like Postal areas.
  • Reach only to residential fixed telephones.
  • Recording has to be provided to SLTDS by the advertiser.
  • Maximum recording length is 45 seconds.
  • IVR message will be pushed to customers during 8am ~ 7pm in 7 days.
  • Three attempts provided till someone get connected through the fixed line.
  • Endorsed as a paid advertisement.